• Pierre Allard, MD, Ph. D., from Maison Michel-Sarrazin, is mandated to develop research in it and conduct specifics research projects in it, such on dyspnoea in cancer terminal phase.
    • Since 1995, doctor Pierre Gagnon, MD, FRCPC, specialised psychiatrist in psycho-oncology and researcher clinician at Maison Michel-Sarrazin and Hôtel-Dieu of Quebec (University hospital complex of Quebec), joins Dr. Allard to develop a research programming, such on delirium.
  • Doctor Serge Dumont, Ph. D., (Counselling Orientation), professor in Social Work School at Laval University, joins the team in 1996 to develop a research program on « Relieving of burden in cancer terminal phase : clinical and psychosocial aspects ».


  • Team obtain a first team funding from Quebec Health Research Foundation and Maison Michel-Sarrazin. At the same moment, the team obtains a Canadian Institutes of Health Research grant to proceed to a study about delirium. Others major grants from accredited organisms in the next years, testifying of the research team productivity. The research team in palliative care of Maison Michel Sarrazin constitutes the first interdisciplinary Quebecers team in palliative care.


    • Dr. Pierre Allard left for Élizabeth Bruyere hospital in Ottawa. Dr. Pierre Gagnon becomes the new team director.
  • Two new researchers join the team: Lise Fillion, Ph.D. (psychology) and professor at Nursing Faculty and Michèle Aubin, MD, family medicine and professor at Medicine Faculty.


  • The quick expansion of the team and the research personnel growth induce the researchers to relocate physically themselves. Thus, while remaining an integral part of Maison Michel-Sarrazin, the research personnel is relocated at Hôtel-Dieu of Quebec City, 35 Côte du Palais, where three researchers of the team (Gagnon, Fillion, Dumont) had already an affiliation within the research center (Hôtel-Dieu of Quebec’s Research Center). Team continues to grow and moves up to more than twenty research professionals. New team points are in emergence, such palliative care in geriatric and in extended care, with the collaboration of René Verreault, MD, Ph. D., physician in geriatrics, holding a Geriatric Chair, professor at Laval University and epidemiologist, as palliative care in pediatry, by graduated students work. Researchers contribute actively to Clinical and Evaluative Research Center in Oncology project which is a major initiative by aiming the integration of research and clinical care in oncology and this, from diagnosis until palliative care; from fundamental research on cancerous cell to research about psycho-existential dimension of patient and close relative by getting through programs and politics evaluation.


  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research grant for Canadian team training in palliative care. Taking support from their realizations, Research team of Maison Michel-Sarrazin encourages in 2003, Dr. Harvey Chochinov, MD, FRCPC, psychiatrist, holding a Tier I Canada Research Chair in Palliative Care and professor at the University of Manitoba, just as Dr. Jose Pereira, MD, palliative care specialist and professor at University of Calgary, Alberta, to join the team in order to constitute this new Canadian team which theme is “Developing, Evaluating, and Implementing New Interventions in Palliative Care “. A registered grant application within the framework of Canadian Institutes of Health Research program is given.

2010 –

  • In order to increase the quality of research in psychosocial oncology and in palliative care, as well as knowledge transfer, we have regrouped and integrated several researchers in a single infrastructure in order to create a research driving force in the area of Quebec. The particularity of this team is the consolidation of researchers in this field from every hospital affiliation, faculty or research center. Due to the partnership with Maison Michel-Sarrazin, the research team is now referred to as Équipe de Recherche Michel-Sarrazin en Oncologie psychosociale et Soins palliatifs (ERMOS) (Michel-Sarrazin Research Team in Psychosocial Oncology and Palliative care). The ERMOS was officially launched in April 2011, after several years of collaborations and efforts in order to make this grouping functional. The team counts 20 researchers from the area of Quebec located throughout Laval University network.