The ERMOS has as a mission to improve the quality of care aimed for cancer patients and their close ones, as well as for people receiving palliative care for other pathologies than cancer and their close ones, at every stage of the care trajectory. The team occupies a role of leadership in psychosocial oncology research and in palliative care within the RUIS-Laval University. The team also strive to maintain its recognized influence in Quebec, Canada and internationally.

Objectives :

ERMOS pursues the following goals :

  1. Regroup, reunite and strengthen the university research active forces in psychosocial oncology and palliative care of the RUIS-Laval University;
  2. Continue the development and integration of a program in psychosocial oncology and palliative care research according to two main axes :

    • clinical research
    • organization of health care and services
  3. Increase the quality and the amount of research in the field of psychosocial oncology and palliative care;
  4. Supporting the supraregional and regional teams in oncology within Quebec’s health system, with particular attention to the teams in the region of Quebec;
  5. Develop and strengthen collaborations within Quebec, Canada and internationally;
  6. Establish scientific watches and consultation mechanisms in order to offer support to decision-makers in the targeted domains, particularly with the Centre intégré universitaire de santé et de services sociaux de la Capitale-Nationale (CIUSSSCN), of the Direction québécoise du cancer (DQC) and the Ministère de la santé et des services sociaux (MSSS);
  7. Establish mechanisms to access and transfer knowledge to clinical teams, to decision-makers, and other researchers, while including attempts for transdisciplinary collaboration with fundamental research sectors.