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(2019) Antoniou A, Anton-Culver H, Borowsky A, Broeders M, Brooks J, Chiarelli A, Chiquette J, Cuzick J, Delaloge S, Devilee P, Dorval M, Easton D, Eisen A, Eklund M, Eloy L, Esserman L, Garcia-Closas M, Goldgar D, Hall P, Knoppers BM, Kraft P, La Croix A, Madalensky L, Mavaddat N, Mittman N, Nabi H, Olopade O, Pashayan N, Schmidt M, Shieh Y, Simard J, Stover-Fiscallini A, Tice JA, Van’t Veer L, Wenger N, Wolfson M, Yau C, Ziv E. Personalised medicine and population health: breast and ovarian cancer. Human Genetics. Mar. 138(3):287-289. FI= 3.9 doi: 10.1007/s00439-019-01984-z

(2019) Cléophat JE, Pelletier S, Joly Y, Gagnon P, Déry A, Marin A, Chiquette J, Gagnon B, Roy L, Bitzas V, Nabi H, Dorval M. Addressing cancer family history at the end of life: How frequent, relevant, and feasible is it? A survey of palliative care providers. Palliative Medicine. Apr doi: 10.1177/0269216319845826

(2018) Cléophat, JE., Nabi, H., Pelletier, S., Bouchard, K., Dorval, M. (2018) What characterizes cancer family history collection tools? A critical literature review. Current Oncology, Aug. 25(4) : e335-e350. FI=2.4

(2018) Nabi, H., Guertin, RJ., Talbot, D., Diorio, C. Body mass index and metastatic melanoma outcomes. Lancet Oncology. May, 19(5) : e226. FI=36.4

(2018) Nabi, H., Provencher, L., Diorio,C. RE : Smoking, Sex, and Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer : Steroid hormone Receptors in Tumor Tissue (S0424). Journal of the National Cancer Institute. Apr 20. FI = 11.2

(2018) Nabi, H., Diorio, C. Body mass index and clinical outcomes in trastuzumab-treated metastatic breast cancer patients: An alternative explanation for the lack of association. Breast. Mar. 9. pii: S0960-9776(18)30040-7. FI = 2.9

(2017) Lemogne C , Meneton P , Wiernik E , Quesnot A , Consoli SM , Ducimetière P , Nabi, H , Empana JP , Hoertel N , Limosin F , Goldberg M , Zins M. When Blue-Collars Feel Blue: Depression and Low Occupational Grade as Synergistic Predictors of Incident Cardiac Events in Middle-Aged Working Individuals.Circulation. Cardiovascular quality and outcomes. 10(2): N/A.

(2017) Kelly D, Estaquio C, Leon C, Arwidson P, Nabi, H. Temporal trend in socio-economic inequalities in the uptake of cancer screening programs in France between 2005 and 2010: Results from the Cancer Barometer Surveys.BMJ Open. 12:

(2017) Nabi, H., Dorval, M., Chiquette, J., Simard, J. Increased use of BRCA mutation test in unaffected women over the period 2004-2014 in the US: Further evidence of the « Angelina Jolie Effect » ? American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 53(5): 195-196

(2016) Azevedo Da Silva M, Balkau B, Roussel R, Tichet J, Fumeron F, Fagherazzi G, Nabi, H, D.E.S.I.R. study group. Longitudinal association of antidepressant medication use with metabolic syndrome: Results of a 9-year follow-up of the D.E.S.I.R. cohort study. Psychoneuroendocrinology. 74: 34-45

(2016) Tison A, Sagaon-Teyssier L, Sansonetti C, Blatier JF, Paraponaris A, Nabi, H, VICAN 2 group. Transitions in the labor market after cancer: a comparison of self-employed workers and salaried staff. Supportive care in cancer : official journal of the Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer. 24(12): 4879-4886

(2016) Berthet N, Berling C, Nabi H, Woto Gaye G, Toure Kane C, Diop-Ndiaye H, Koumakpayi IH, Engohan Aloghe C, Bisvigou U, Didi Coulibaly J, Faye Kette H, Koffi E, Ekra D, Moussavou Boundzanga P, LaboubaI, NJouom R, Tebeu PM, Sandjong I, Atangana PA, N’Kegoum B, Rakoto-Andrianarivelo M, Rakotomalala FA, Randrianjafisamindrakotroka N, Andriamampionona TF, Ratovohery A, Sastre-Garau X, Diop M. COFAC-Col: A Cervical Cancer Control Networking Initiative in Five French-Speaking African Countries. Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention. 25(6): 1004-5

(2016) Wiernik E, Lemogne C, Thomas F, Perier MC, Guibout C, Nabi, H, Laurent S, Pannier B, Boutouyrie P, Jouven X, Empana JP. Perceived stress, common carotid intima media thickness and occupational status: the Paris Prospective Study III. International Journal of Cardiology. 221: 1025-1030

(2015) Azevedo Da Silva M, Lemogne C, Melchior M, Zins M, Van Der Waerden J, Consoli SM, Goldberg M, Elbaz, A, Singh-Manoux A, Nabi, H. Excess non-psychiatric hospitalizations among employees with mental disorders: a 10-year prospective study of the GAZEL cohort. Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica. 131(4): 307-17

(2015) Da Silva MA, Dugravot A, Balkau B, Roussel R, Fumeron F, Elbaz A, Canonico M, Singh-Manoux A, Nabi, H, D.E.S.I.R. Study Group. Antidepressant medication use and trajectories of fasting plasma glucose, glycated haemoglobin, β-cell function and insulin sensitivity: a 9-year longitudinal study of the D.E.S.I.R. cohort. International Journal of Epidemiology. 44(6): 1927-40

(2015) Hinnouho GM, Czernichow S, Dugravot A, Nabi, H, Brunner EJ, Kivimaki M, Singh-Manoux A. Meabolically healty obesity and the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes: the Whitehall II cohort study. European Heart Journal. 36(9): 551-9

(2015) Lemogne C, Schuster JP, Levenstein S, Melchior M, Nabi, H, Ducimetière P, Limosin F, Goldberg M, Zins M, Consoli SM. Hostility and the risk of peptic ulcer in the GAZEL cohort. Helath Psychology. 34(2): 181-5

(2015) Bouhnik, AD., Bendiane, MK, Cortaredona, S., Sagaon-Teyssier, L., Rey, D., Berenger, C., Seror, V., Peretti-Waterl P. (Nabi, H. member of VICAN Group). The labour market, psychosocial outcomes and health conditions in cancer survivors: protocol for a nationwide longitudinal survey 2 and 5 years after cancer diagnosis (the VICAN survey. BMJ Open, 5(3): e005971

(2015) Nabi, H., Estaqiuo, C., Auleley GR. Smoking and mortality–beyonbd established causes. New England Journal of Medicine. 372(22): 2169

Rapport publié

(2016) Nabi, H. INCa. Les thérapies ciblées dans le traitement du cancer en 2015: Etat des lieux et enjeux.82. Health

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